ELSI Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications Affinity Group

About ELSI Affinity Group

Recipients of ELSI funding include scholars and scientists representing a broad spectrum of disciplinary training, including law, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, sociology and health policy, who work throughout academia in schools of medicine, law, public health, nursing and the humanities and sciences.  A common thread to this richly diverse community of researchers is a commitment to and engagement with ethical problems as they relate to the development and translation of genetics to society.  This is reflected in the consistent publication of ELSI scholarship in the bioethics literature. 

The Ethical, Legal, & Social Implications (ELSI) Affinity Group serves as a locus where scholars and scientists involved in ELSI research can collaborate by bringing together both senior faculty and rising stars of ELSI research.  Additionally, the Affinity Group’s affiliation with the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities serves ASBH’s commitment to multidisciplinary and inter-professional development among clinical and academic scholars. 

Specifically, the ELSI Affinity Group aims to:

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